2-Channel radio remote set Professional

Control systems for electric screen

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celexon Professional 2-Channel Radio Remote Set

With the celexon radio remote set, you can control two motors, like an electric screen and a ceiling lift, without sending or receiving interference even through walls.

Ideal for a wireless operation without the need for a visible receiver, like IR remotes, especially for ceiling recessed screens. Also avoids any cross-communication between other IR devices.

The elegantremote control comes in a glossy white high quality finish. The radio receiver unit also allows operation via the side control buttons, foruse without the remote control.

With this 2-channel radio remote set, you can control any Celexon electric screens or projector lifts. The receiver unit can also be trained with the Celexon radio trigger.

This set comes with a multi-channel remote control, these can individually up to 6 recipients or parallel control.

Alternatively, a 1-channel radio remote set is also available, which comes with just 1 receiver.

Whats included: a multi-channel radio remote set, two radio receivers and detailed installation and operating instructions

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