celexon screen tripod Economy 244 x 183 cm

Tripod screens

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celexon tripod Economy 244 x 183 cm 

The celexon tripod screen is a high quality product and provides excellent value for money. It is robust, well built and the fabric provides excellent flatness. It is suitable for many mobile applications. The simplicity of the design enables quick and easy set up.

Key features:
- 244 x 183 cm viewing area
- 4 cm black border (left/right)
- 4 cm black border (bottom), 5 cm black border (top)
- Housing dimensions: 253 x 7 cm (length x diameter)
- Weight: 13.5 kg
- Min. height: 48 cm, max. height: 115 cm (bottom of screen)
- Min. height: 231 cm, max. height: 298 cm (top of screen)
- Housing colour: white
- Outstanding value for money
- Ideal for home cinema and business applications with gain factor of 1.0
- Extremely robust design
- Adjustable for different heights
- Sophisticated system for quick and easy set up
- Integrated keystone bracket

The celexon tripod Economy screen is a product of high quality and incredible value for money. Don't pay more than you have to! The high-quality screen is height adjustable and available for different aspect ratios (1:1, 4:3, 16:9 formats). The gain factor of the screen is 1.0 suitable for both LCD and DLP projectors. This provides complete flexibility. The black back ensures that no light is lost and the projection is clear. The black border ensures increased contrast and improves the flatness of the fabric. The integrated keystone bracket enables a high quality projection without keystone distortion.

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