celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel 4060 Pro - white

Projector ceiling mounts

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celexon universal ceiling mount MultiCel 4060 Pro - white

The new universal ceiling mount from the professional series is compatible with most projectors.
The tilt can be fine tuned using a Philips screwdriver.

It is easy to attach the arms and plate to the projector before attaching to the swivel head of the bracket. This facilitates assembly and enables easy detachment of the projector for maintenance.

Key features:
- Adjustable 40-60cm of drop from ceiling
- Compatible with most standard projectors
- Horizontal tilt +- 8° / vertical tilt +- 15°
- Fine tuning of tilt with Philips screwdriver
- Usable area: min 50mm diameter; can be extended to max 360mm diameter
- Load up to 15kg
- Base plate and arms detachable
- Misc screws supplied
- Material : steel and aluminium
- Colour : white

The mount comes with a user guide, various screws (M3, M4, M5 4 of each) as well as wood screws for ceiling mounting.

Please note: the enclosed fixings are suitable for concrete or stone ceilings but may not be suitable for other materials in which case, suitable fixings will need to be purchased.

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