Professional radio trigger

Control systems for electric screen

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celexon Professional radio trigger

With the celexon Professional radio systems you can control your electric screen or ceiling lift without sending or receiving interference even through walls.

Ideal for a wireless operation without the need for a visible receiver, like IR remotes, especially for ceiling recessed screens. Also avoids any cross-communication between other IR devices.

The celexon wireless radio trigger allows you to just connect the trigger to the IEC power connector on the projector, and you can control your projector screen - without running wires! It can deploy your screen automatically when you turn your projector on and retract automatically again when the projector is turned off.

The trigger can be trained with every celexon professional radio receiver.

The wireless trigger can also be used in parallel with a remote control, enabling you to control your screen manually.

Whats included: a radio trigger and detailed installation and operating instructions.

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